Ewein 1.0 - Manufacturing Industry

1990 Dato' Ewe Swee Kheng started its business into manufacturing sector via its subsidiaries, Tekun Asas and Precision Press which provide precision metal components, tools and dies to electronics industry. 
1991 Subsequently, Tekun Asas being awarded as a pioneer in precision sheet metal fabrication for the consumer electronics (audio equipment) market under MIDA - List of Promoted Activities and Products which allow the company to grow further into other products such as sheet metal enclosures
1993 Tekun Asas began to expand its operations by investing in various mass production facilities equipped with fully automation capabilities
1994 To provide one stop solution to our customers, Kelpen Plastics was established to focus on plastic injection molding products
1995 MBM Industry was incorporated as an investment holding company to focus on the further needs and investment of the overall operations
1996 Tekun Asas and Precision Press were awarded with ISO9001
certifications by Sirim QAS International in recognition of its quality management system
1996 Kelpen Resources was incorporated and acquired Kelpen Plastics as the manufacturing arm
for plastic injections products
1997 A new business division was established to focus on satellite antenna market with different
target customer base 
2002 A new business unit was created to penetrate IT & networking business. These allow us to become one of the contract manufacturers specialising in sheet metal enclosures & components serving directly to USA and Europe 
2006 Kelpen Plastics was awarded with ISO9001 certification by BM Trada Certification Ltd in recognition of its quality management system
2006 Ewein Sdn Bhd was incorporated as a private limited company
2007 Ewein Sdn Bhd was subsequently converted into a public limited company as Ewein Berhad
2008 Ewein Berhad (our Group) was listed in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange main board